powerpoint : word processing : spreadsheets : databases

The Alternative Office is a Virtual Assistant, offering both virtual and on-site assistance for a wide range of comprehensive, professional and confidential business services...

...from web design to office administration solutions, including digital audio transcription, copy typing, PowerPoint presentations, word processing, Access and online databases and Excel spreadsheet design.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service, competitive prices and excellent quality, to provide that professional touch.

Audio Transcription

The Alternative Office provides a full transcription service for audio dictation users. This service covers BOTH mini and micro cassettes together with a full range of digital files for users of Digital Voice Recorders for a vast range of file types. Our clients come from a variety of professions, from property, insurance, solicitors to education...

Word Processing / Copy Typing

Whether you require a simple letter typed to a lengthy report, we can provide the level of service to meet your needs.

Special layouts incorporating columns, tables, charts or graphic inserts are easily accommodated to provide that professional finish. You may have an exact layout/style for us to match. On the other hand, we can assist with these features to ensure that a polished composition is always accomplished.

We use Microsoft Word, storing your documents for future use as appropriate.


The Alternative Office designs presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint either using your own in-house design or incorporating something completely new. In addition, The Alternative Office is available to travel to conferences and workshops providing PowerPoint, Word and Excel assistance on request.

Software Testing

The Alternative Office has worked for many years in a bespoke software environment, providing software testing to the highest degree, interrogating file content at source level. If you have any testing requirements, contact us now to see if we can assist with your quality assurance issues.


The Alternative Office can design a database to meet your requirements. This may be anything from a simple name and address database to create a mailshot letter and labels, to a more complex bespoke database to run your day to day business. Once the data is stored, reports can be produced providing output into a document or printout using your selection and sort criteria. We use Microsoft Access to create bespoke databases, reserved for your use only. The Alternative Office uses this software to track prospects, clients, advertising sources, work orders, invoices, outstanding payments, product breakdown by client...


Do you have time to produce that urgent spreadsheet? Experiment with those endless formulae? Produce a chart based on the data?

Well, let The Alternative Office take the strain. As skilled users of Microsoft Excel, we can design a spreadsheet to your specification.

If you require a fast turnaround, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteed confidentiality and efficiency, no overheads, then call The Alternative Office today at
or call +44 (0)781 561 2616.