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The Alternative Office offers digital/audio transcription for Professional Service Businesses.

We offer either 24 Hour or Same Day Digital Transcription Services, being the time taken to turn around the work for a wide range of file formats, for example:

  • DSS (Digital Standard Speech) audio file format - a compressed audio file developed by Olympus which does not suffer loss of quality, but is still easily transferable via the internet.
  • WAV audio file format - larger file size but also excellent quality
  • WMA audio file format - inferior quality

These Digital Transcription Services are designed to remove the stress from your workload and allow you to get on with your business!

If you’re looking for high quality, timely, confidential transcription documents, then you’re in the right place.

So how does it work? Simply…

  • Email or phone The Alternative Office at or call +44 (0)781 561 2616.
  • Provide the details of your required transcription including type of service required, either 24 Hour or Same Day together with any templates or formats who wish to work to.
  • For new clients, you will immediately receive a Work Order detailing the contract between us on this project. Sign and return the Work Order.
  • Upload the digital transcription file to a secure private internet location or use ‘Send This File’ ( – free account) to upload the file, which forwards an email link to me.
  • The Alternative Office will transcribe the audio file to the highest of standards, providing the result in a Microsoft Word document.
  • The file will be returned together with an invoice for immediate payment made by BACS or PayPal on receipt of file. For regular clients, monthly invoicing can be arranged.

Contact The Alternative Office at
or call +44 (0)781 561 2616.